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Denver Online Reputation Management has become an important factor in the success or failure of all businesses today. As before, if someone is telling all their friends how poorly you treat your customers you will lose potential patrons. If someone is telling all their friends how great you treat your customers they are more likely to patronize your business. Online Reputation Management is the same but even more important. Now when someone is saying you take care of or don’t take care of your customers they are telling the world their story and right at the time the shopper is deciding to who to buy from. Image if someone was standing right outside your door telling people how bad they were treated just before they walk in your store. Even worse what if someone else was telling them how great your competitor was right down the street.

That is happening everyday right now when someone is looking at your company online (which the majority will). How is your Online Reputation? Not just Google although Google reviews are a major influencer but did you know Yelp who just partnered with Yahoo are the #1 most trusted review site in the world? Yelp is also the most challenging to get good reviews on. If you are not a Yelper (people who read and right reviews on Yelp) Yelp will take down your good reviews but leave the bad ones. I know it does not seem fair but that is why they are the #1 most trusted review site. But wait there’s more ;-). Try doing a search for your business name and put reviews after it. You may see all kinds of sites that carry reviews about your business.

I know it seems like an overwhelming task to monitor all these review sites, know when to respond to bad reviews, and ask every customer to see who is willing to give you a good review and who is unhappy so you can deal with it before they slander your name. Once they post that bad review it is very hard if not impossible to get it taken down.

What if there was a system that continually monitored the Internet looking for good or bad reviews so you could deal with them accordingly. That is just part of our Omnipresence SEO Marketing Program. As part of our all-encompassing SEO marketing strategy we will keep you aware of the good, the bad and the ugly review then guide you through how to deal with it. You online reputation is a very important factor in whether a customer buys from you or not. We feel it is part of our job to help keep your reputation such that it influences customers to buy from you not drive them to your competition. As our client you will dominate the search engine results page so we want to help you take control of your online reputation. Good Reputation = More Sales!

With that in mind we also offer the most powerful Online Reputation Management tool ever created to help you take control of what reviews are placed online. You heard me correctly, our program empowers you to control what reviews are placed online! All reviews start with someone that has just did business with you. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could automatically have every one of your customers submit their reviews to you first so you could distribute the good ones and deal with the bad? Our Online Reputation Management program will do exactly that. It will send e-mails to every customer you choose, ask them how you did, ask for a review, ask them for a star rating and then automatically post the 4 or 5 star ratings on your website, Facebook, Google+ page, and other sites you choose.

Once the Online Reputation Management program identifies the 4 or 5 star reviewed (your choose) it will immediately encourage them to place their great review on Google, Yelp (if their a Yelper), Yahoo, Bing, City Search or anywhere you choose. This Online Reputation Management program is the most powerful program ever created! It gives you control over your online reputation and it is all done on autopilot! I know sounds expensive but for an introductory offer it is incredibly down right cheap!

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