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Optimization, LLC’s first Denver SEO Training goal is to educate local Denver brick and mortar owners and managers. I have been an Internet Marketing Consultant for 20 years. The most common challenge a local business faces is not search engine placement. It is not knowing which self proclaimed SEO Guru really knows what they are talking about. Just about every merchant I have spoken to has paid their hard earned money for empty promises of top search engine marketing services. Many of the SEO Guru’s have taken black hat courses or old courses then experiment on your business to see if they work. Most of their strategies don’t work or even worst can get your website penalized or banned. The answer is to get educated on the right way to implement effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMM (Social Media Marketing) white hat strategies that the search love and will reward you over the long-term.

So let’s get started. In this category you will find free Denver SEO training articles to learn the basics. If you want to get detailed step by step Internet Marketing trainings I have created extremely cost effective yet extremely educational Denver SEO training tutorials that are easy to understand and only take about an hour to finish. Each includes 10 to 15 videos, and extensive e-book, a cheat sheet for easy reference and a mind map. Truthfully these are the best, to the point training’s I have ever seen and I have taken tons of training’s over the years that cost me 1000’s of dollars. I am not here to waste you time or money. I am here to educate and assist you to achieve real Internet Marketing success for you local business.

If you don’t have time I am happy to create a free analysis of local customers searching for you products and service. The strength and weaknesses of your local competition. Give you a free custom local internet marketing blueprint to show you what it takes for you to dominate your local marketplace. I will also offer you a free initial consultation where I will answer any questions you may have. For a limited time I will even give you one of my to the point training’s free so you can do it yourself if you want. You have nothing to lose and a wealth of knowledge to gain. If you would like a free professional analysis of you local business marketplace, free marketing consultation and a free Denver SEO training of your choice just click on the banner below.

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Denver SEO Training